About Pink Fox

Pink Fox is a proudly local aftercare brand that was created by artists for artists.

Permanent Make up Aftercare PMU brand P’ink Fox was created by our founders Tamryn and Mara. Both are permanent makeup (PMU) artists that have a very high level of standard when it comes to work and quality, especially when it requires products being used on clients!

Our founders Tamryn and Mara are both permanent makeup (PMU) artists

Being frustrated with the high exchange rate on importing brands and seeing an influx of cheap quality products that have NO benefit for the actual healing and retention for permanent makeup (PMU), we decided that this would be our mission. Start producing things locally to help OUR economy by using only the most naturally sourced / vegan friendly ingredients such as Aloe, shea butter, vitamin E and more!

We have tried and tested all our products personally on all skin types / ages and once we started getting consistent results and feedback from our clients – we knew this was it. Our formula’s have been specifically designed to be multifunctional – safe to use on normal or broken skin during a permanent makeup (PMU) / tattoo procedure with no irritation.

Our cleanser is also used in the aesthetic industry to prep and cleanse skin / brows / lashes before a treatment.

Why is it so important when we refer to our products being vegan friendly?

Having a vegan friendly and cruelty free skincare range means that the products are free from any animal-derived ingredients and by-products are not tested on animals. Natural and plant-based ingredients offer numerous benefits for the skin and are typically rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals that can nourish, hydrate, and protect the skin effectively.

By choosing vegan skincare, you contribute to the promotion of ethical and compassionate practices in the beauty industry and this is what we strive for.

We are responsible for our clients skin and it’s our job to make sure our clients receive nothing but the best! We guarantee great healed work, soothed skin and happy clients!


Add this new and exciting PMU aftercare range to your offering.


Clean ingredients, suited for all skin types. Vegan friendly.

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